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Sandbox for elephants.

6 May 2020 News
Before the quarantine in Sochi, circus performers came on tour as part of a troupe of camels, horses, monkeys, but the main stars are Pratty the elephant (29 years old) and Margot (11 years old).

 During the period of imposed restrictions, performances were canceled, and the troupe of artists remained in Sochi until the end of the quarantine. For animals, mandatory nature walks are required. In the absence of opportunities to bring elephants to the river or to the forest, the only place where elephants can walk was the courtyard of the Sochi circus.

Because of the fact that the elephants were walking on the asphalt, their feet began to clog. Elephant trainer Andrey Dementiev-Kornilov appealed to residents of the city through social networks with a request to help fill the sandbox for elephants. AVA Group responded to the request with great desire and brought the necessary amount of sand. Animals are happy.

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