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6.25% mortgage was issued by ASK

6 May 2020 News

The first client to receive approval at a preferential mortgage rate of 6.25% was a client of the construction company ASK. The mortgage loan was issued by Absolut Bank. Submission of documents and approval of the transaction were carried out electronically.

   The remote form of work for buying real estate allows the client to choose the property of interest without visiting the office, and to issue all the necessary documents. At the same time, electronic filing and registration of documents make the transaction process comfortable and fast. If it is necessary to exchange documents with the client, the courier service of ask will send a courier to the specified address in compliance with the necessary security measures.

   Alexey Yarovoy (CEO of the construction company ASK) "We congratulate our client on the purchase of an apartment in the residential complex of the company ASK. We wish you only happy moments in your new home. To make the purchase of an apartment really pleasant and safe, we, for our part, give an insurance policy that will guarantee the financial security of the transaction. The certificate of financial security will be awarded immediately after registration of the agreement in Rosreestr».

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